Al Hoceima has Been SOLD

The boat has been sold, but I thought I'd leave the 'for sale' page up so that folks returning to the page for another look would see the update and still be able to look at the photos and video below, if desired.

After having living aboard for five and sailing her for nearly ten years, I've decided to see if I can find her next owner. We are no longer living aboard, and with my current, very busy job, my free time to maintain and enjoy her is severely limited and it doesn't make sense any more for me to have such a large, ocean-capable, boat.

Below is basic information about the boat and what equipment will be included in the sale.

I thought I'd also provide a video log of my outbound solo trip from Hamilton, Ontario, to Main Duck Island and then onto Waupoos Island in the summer of 2013. While very raw, it will give an idea of the size of the boat, motion, sail configuration, etc.

There is also a lot of information on this website about her, including some photos of the interior (I've just updated this page with some fresh photos of the interior below), design drawings, etc. Please take a look around.


1980 Petit Prince Ketch "Al Hoceima" - Laying Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Steel ketch - heavily built by a professional shipyard in France for extended offshore ocean cruising. The hull is hard-chined with a long fin keel and a stout skeg-mounted rudder. I used it for living aboard full-time with two other adults and a cockatoo (a full house!) in Port Credit, Ontario. I've owned her since 2004 and lived aboard for five years.

41' on deck
44' LOA
13.5' Beam
6' 1" draft when unloaded (was about 6' 6" when fully loaded and we were living aboard full-time)


Main Older but serviceable - some minor repairs/re-stitching
Mizzen Older but serviceable - some minor repairs/re-stitching
Genoa Older but serviceable - some major repairs, new panels, stitching, etc.
Working jib Older but serviceable - some major repairs, new panels, stitching, etc.
Jib Older but serviceable - some major repairs, new panels, stitching, etc.
3x storm jibs One is older but in perfect shape, two are as new (unused)
Storm trysail As new (unused) (the mast has a second track for flying the trysail)
Spinnaker Perfect condition - I only flew it once.


Accommodations (from bow to stern):

Sailing Video:
Summer , 2013 - Sailing from Hamilton, Ontario to Main Duck and then onto Waupoos Islands.

I was sailing solo, and by the end of the trip to Main Duck Island, had been on watch for 33 hours (about 29.5 hours sailing time).

On the first day, I mentioned riding out a thunder squall with too much sail area up - I didn't mention that that was mostly intentional with the idea being to get out from under the worst of the storm (although it would have been nice to have gotten the genny on deck during the worst of it). We were heading nearly due East while the storm cell was travelling North, and by keeping up max sail area up, we were able to miss the worst part of the cell, including a few lightning strikes that hit well astern and probably near where we would have been had I shortened sail.

After that, the winds stayed pretty steady for us in the 15 - 20 knots range for most of the trip out to Main Duck except during the half dozen or more other cells that I dodged by either heading up/down or speeding up/down to avoid.

I eventually anchored in about 50' of water on the leeward side at about 4:00pm and went immediately below for a few hours nap! Distance covered was something like 170 nautical miles or so (water under the hull - not necessarily point-point).

I enjoyed Main Duck for a few days and then sailed the 20 nautical miles or so to Waupoos under sunny skies and 20 - 25 knot winds, and met up with Angi and my friends Scott and Mike, who drove up. They eventually departed and I made the trip back to Hamilton solo again with a night's stopover in Toronto along the way.

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Photos (December 2013)




View from the Galley looking forward

View from saloon looking aft towards companionway

Looking aft into the 'spare' room

Looking from 'spare' room at the Nav station

Nav Station, engine instruments, fridge

Forward head

Forward head

Forward head

looking forward into v-berth (full of sails stored for winter)

Nav Station

Aft head

Aft cabin

Aft head

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